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(41) ... What Will We Remember?

If the day should come that we are imprisoned and greatly persecuted because we are a Christian, what will we remember?

Will we remember the Sunday morning sermons which most of us soon forget, or will we remember the Scriptures in the Bible which will be hid in our Hearts if we have been faithfu…

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The Church for the most part has not given 1st Peter 2:2 the kind of attention that this verse deserves. Also, in this verse, the word DESIRE really should have been translated INTENSELY CRAVE because that is the root meaning in the Greek.

This is unfortunate because "intensely crave" delivers a…

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(43) ... Being Fed By The Spirit

What does it mean to be fed by the Spirit? Probably a great number of Christians in the West have never really given that question much thought. When an individual has truly been sincere in asking JESUS to come into their life to be their Lord and Saviour, that individual will experience the Holy S…

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(44) ... IT IS SUPPERTIME (JAN. – 1990)

  "I, the Lord God, your Father, would say to you this day, MY son, MY daughter, I have seen a strange thing in the earth.

  Does not a family gather together at suppertime to sup together? and yet, I have seen a strange thing in the earth.

  For, I have many sons and daughters whose chairs …

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(45) ... Christians Suffering From Malnutrition

05/30/08  -  "The Burden of The Lord. I, the Lord God am Deeply Grieved at the Famine that I see MY people going through in the land. A Famine that has been caused by MY people not coming to MY Supper Table and Feasting on MY Word. It is a Grievous Famine. MY people are Suffering from Malnutrition…

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(46) ... Deceiving Spirits Know The Bible

Sadly, "Deceiving Spirits" have more knowledge of the Scriptures in the Bible than many Christians. Many years ago I purchased a book in which a Pastor was visited a number of times by Angelic Spirits. This Pastor was convinced that these were Angelic visitations sent from the Lord.  

I have s…

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(47) ... (1st Peter 2:9) The ROYAL PRIESTHOOD Of The Believer In Christ

Today’s Church, at least here in America, is not functioning in the Biblical Pattern of the Early Church. In 1st Corinthians 14:26 the Apostle Paul addresses the issue of what should take place when Christians meet together in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

1st Corinthians 14:…

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(48) ... Understanding about not Forsaking the Assembling of ourselves Together?

Hebrews 10:25 is a an often quoted verse, but an often misunderstood verse. This verse speaks of not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.

The meaning of this verse is that Christians should assemble themselves together for the purpose of fellowshipping in the Lord. In fact, the Apos…

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(49) ... School Of The Holy Spirit

The Lord enrolls each and every Christian in a Lifetime course in the School of the Holy Spirit. In the School of the Holy Spirit there are No "bachelor’s degrees" or "master’s degrees" or "doctoral degrees," etc.

The Lord qualifies leaders through the School of the Holy Spirit. However, ma…

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(50) ... The "Prosperity" Message

The New Testament "prosperity" message to the Believer In Christ is much  different than the "prosperity" message that is being taught by many in the Church today.

"If any man teaches that Godliness brings financial gain, from such withdraw yourself"....."For Godliness with contentment is great …

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