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It is very clear from the New Testament "Scriptures" that a great concern of JESUS was that "HE" wanted "His" Church to function under "His" guidelines and not under "man-made guidelines," which is a “hierarchy type of System."

The New Testament  writers also taught quite clearly that the Church is not  to function under a “hierarchy type of system And yet, that is exactly the type of "System" that the Institutional Church functions under.

It cannot be over-emphasized enough how important that the Body of Christ ("His" Church) is to Christ.  So, for the Church to function in a type of "System" that is exactly the type of "System" that Christ taught against, is no small matter. It is a very serious matter that should be of "grave concern" to Christians.

JESUS told "His" disciples that the world likes to lord their positions of authority over others. JESUS was very clear to "His" disciples that they were not to function in that manner.

JESUS gave gifts to "His" Church. These gifts of different functions in the Body of Christ are not to be lorded over others, and yet, the way that the Institutional Church "System" is set up to function, it does exactly that. In fact, having a "Spiritual title" in front of one’s name,  such as: Apostle Stevens, Prophet Stevens, Pastor Stevens, Bishop Stevens, Rev. Stevens, Elder Stevens, etc., is actually lording one’s position in the Church over others.

JESUS told "His" disciples that for them not to let anyone call them “RABBI." The underlying message that JESUS was conveying to "His" disciples was, "DO NOT" put "Spiritual titles" in front of your name, because that is lording it over others!

The New Testament "Scriptures" are clear that in Christ’s Church, “each” and “every  Believer in Christ, is to function as a “Royal Priesthood” of Believers in Christ. This does not take place in the Institutional Church "System," because "it operates" under a “hierarchy type of System which the New Testament "Scriptures" clearly teach against.

I am often amazed at how much truth is overlooked in God’s Written Word, which can be the result of just simply having not dug deep enough to examine the "Scriptures" much more carefully. (Please read on this site the article “The Royal Priesthood of the Believer in Christ”)

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