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(8) ... The End-times Church

We are told in the 2nd chapter of 2nd Thessalonians that in the End-times there shall be a falling away. A falling away from what? The 4th chapter of 2nd Timothy gives us the answer by declaring to us that the time will come when people will not listen to sound doctrine. (will not listen = will fall away from sound doctrine)

Now to address the question of who are the people that will fall away by not listening to sound doctrine? This can only apply to the Christian Church. Only Christians can fall away from sound doctrine!

The End-times Church today teaches and preaches JESUS, but has clearly fallen away from teaching sound doctrine. In the Scriptures of the Bible, the Lord makes it clear to us that there is nothing more important to Him than His truth, and the rightly dividing of His Word of Truth.

The Christian Church today thinks that it is on fire for JESUS, and yet, especially in America, the Christian Church rejects Biblical sound doctrine which the Lord has given to us in the Scriptures of the Bible for the purpose of establishing His Church on Biblical truth rather than on a number of man-made religious doctrines which the Christian Church today tragically is functioning under. 

On this website, I have written and posted a number of articles in addressing a number of false doctrines that are being taught in the Christian Church today. The Christian Church today does not seem to have a clue on just how far it has departed from Biblical sound doctrine. Hopefully, the articles that are posted on this site will bring a degree of greater Biblical clarity to the doctrines that are being addressed in the articles. 

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