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(49) ... School Of The Holy Spirit

The Lord enrolls each and every Christian in a “LIFETIME COURSE” in the School of the Holy Spirit. In the School of the Holy Spirit, there are NO bachelor’s degrees” or master’s degrees” or doctoral degrees,” etc.

The Lord qualifies leaders "THROUGH" the School of the Holy Spirit. However, man has decided that in order to be qualified to pastor and teach, that one must become ordained through some type of "man-made institution" such as “bible school,” “school of divinity,” “school of theology,” etc. There is "no place" in the New Testament that teaches this. In the School of the Holy Spirit, there are NO "ordination papers!"

Interestingly, we find that when JESUS was on earth, it was the priests and doctors of the law,  those who were already highly educated concerning Old Testament "Scripture," whom JESUS offended by telling them, “YOU DO ERR, NOT KNOWING THE SCRIPTURES," and telling them, “HAVE YOU NOT READ IN THE SCRIPTURES," and telling them, “IT IS WRITTEN.’’

These religious leaders were “INFURIATED" that JESUS, who had no degrees in Biblical studies, would even dare to attempt to teach them who were already highly educated in Biblical studies, and had their degrees.

2,000 years later, things have not changed. Just let the average Christian layman, who has no degree in Biblical studies, try to communicate to a Pastor that something that he is teaching does not seem to line up with the "Scriptures."

Even though that Pastor may not openly display his resentment, deep down, he is probably quite resentful that an ordinary layman would dare question his teaching or understanding of the "Scriptures", because after all, he is the one who has been highly educated in Biblical studies, and has his degree or degrees.

In the Kingdom of God, a piece of paper "does not qualify" an individual to pastor and teach. If that were the case, then JESUS and the Apostles would have clearly told us so in the "Scriptures" The Institutional Church "System" has "in effect" Institutionalized the ROLE of the Holy Spirit!

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