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(46) ... Deceiving Spirits Know The Bible

Sadly, "Deceiving Spirits" have more knowledge of the Scriptures in the Bible than many Christians. Many years ago I purchased a book in which a Pastor was visited a number of times by Angelic Spirits. This Pastor was convinced that these were Angelic visitations sent from the Lord.  

I have studied the book carefully and it is clear that these visitations were from "Deceiving Spirits" who had transformed themselves into Angels of Light. They gave much Biblical truth and insight into the Scriptures, but I found quite a number of instances in the book in which their actions and what they said were clearly in direct contradiction to Scriptures.

These "Deceiving Spirits" stated much truth from Scripture, but then at certain points in their conversation with this Pastor, they would mix in error which can easily catch one off guard "and seem to be truth." This is one of many reasons why that it is VITAL for Christians to search the Scriptures faithfully.

What I found amazing is that one of the Angels said that some people have taken their eyes off JESUS and started looking to Teachers. Some of these Teachers dissect and categorize the Bible until it Loses it's Life. 

This Angel of Darkness said "Feed on the Word." He repeated "Feed on the Word." "Don’t settle for the Dissected Word torn into little bits and analyzed by sections, "KEEP IT THE LIVING WORD!"

AMAZING! Even the "Angels of Darkness" understand how VITAL the life giving substance of Scriptural truth from the Bible is to the Believer in Christ.

Last year, I read an article in which someone who claims to be an Apostle had a vision. There is no question in my mind that this individual had a real vision, but it was not a vision from the Lord. It was a vision from a "Deceiving Spirit" posing as an Angel of Light.

Upon careful examination, it becomes apparent that this was not a vision from The Lord because some things in this vision did not line up with Scripture. Also, this individual who claims to be an Apostle has some false teaching which makes him a good candidate for receiving Deceptive Visions and Dreams from "Deceiving Spirits."

This individual saw in the vision that on the ground in front of him, lay a Large Bible. He was amazed that it seemed that none of the Christians seemed to notice it as "THEY WALKED OVER IT."

Other Christians even "STEPPED ON IT." Every time that a Christian would start to look at the Bible, they would instead BE DISTRACTED. They were continually BEING DIVERTED to other things.

We can see from this vision which came  from a "Deceptive Spirit," that "Deceptive Spirits" take notice and are very aware of how many Christians NEGLECT reading and meditating upon Scriptures in the Bible. This makes the task of "Deceptive Spirits" much easier.  After all, the top priority of the "Kingdom of Darkness" IS TO DECEIVE!


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