(4) ... Understanding the Lord's "Anointing"

It is important for us to understand what exactly is the Lord's anointing? Probably most Christians have not really given that question a great deal of thought.

It is common place for Christians to see an individual, especially those in Christian leadership positions, speaking or functioning in such a way that they think to themselves, Wow, they are really Spiritual, they must really have a close walk with the Lord because there is quite an anointing upon them.

The truth of the matter is that the Lord's anointing upon an individual should not be used by us as a measuring rod in trying to determine that person's Spiritual condition. The Lord's anointing upon an individual is just simply the Lord's Spirit enabling an individual to function in a Spiritual gifting that has been imparted to them by the Lord, or enabling them to function in a particular task that the Lord would have them to do.

An individual's gifting or degree of their anointing from the Lord does not reflect that individual's Spiritual depth in their walk with the Lord. The simple fact is that individual may have a close walk with the Lord, or that individual may be a carnal Christian.

What determines an individual's Spiritual depth in their relationship to the Lord is not their Spiritual gifting or anointing from the Lord, but that individual's heart motives. There are many Christians who are functioning in their Spiritual gifting under the mighty anointing of the Lord who do not have proper heart motives, because they have been functioning  under their anointed Spiritual gifting with self-serving motives, especially many who are in Christian leadership positions.

There will be many Christians who will stand before the Lord and not hear the Lord say to them "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."


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