Fed By The Spirit

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The Church for the most part has not given 1st Peter 2:2 the kind of attention that this verse deserves. Also, in this verse, the word DESIRE really should have been translated INTENSELY CRAVE because that is the root meaning in the Greek.

This is unfortunate because "intensely crave" delivers a much more powerful impact upon the Believer in Christ when reading this verse.

1st Peter 2:2 "Like newborn babies, intensely crave the pure milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby."

This verse is telling us that just as babies intensely crave milk, Christians should likewise intensely crave the Written Word of God.

This is very strong language that the Lord is using in trying to grab the attention of the Believer in Christ and in trying to convey to the Believer in Christ the extreme importance of feeding upon the Written Word of God for our growth. 

Growth for the Believer in Christ comes more through intensely craving and absorbing the Written Word in our Spirit than by any other means. This is why that the Lord has given us the Bible. It is the Lord Himself who has chosen the Written Word to be His main source for revealing Himself to us.

If we as Christians say that we are hungry for God, but yet at the same time we are not hungry for His Written Word, then we need to carefully re-examine our understanding of what it means to be hungry for God.

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