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(32) ... "IDOLATRY" of Ministry

Below is a copy of a letter that I sent out to a number of Christian Ministries in the last part of 2011. The majority of these individuals and Ministries are guilty of IDOLATRY of Ministry. In fact, IDOLATRY of Ministry is a very widespread condition that exists in the Church today and is a GREAT POISON to the Body of Christ.

I am sure that this letter had little or no affect upon those who received and read this letter. However, this is an issue that is a very serious issue in the Church which needs to be addressed.
Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in regards to the widespread misrepresentation of a number of Scriptural truths in the Bible that have permeated our Christian TV airways. It should be every Christian’s burden and priority to want to see the integrity of Biblical truths upheld to the fullest.

When I watch these telethons for raising money on some of the Christian TV networks, it is as if I am watching a horror act in a carnival show. The MANIPULATION of the Scriptures in the Bible that is being used for raising money is REPULSIVE, not to mention a number of False Prophets and False Teachers that are ministering on these Christian TV networks.

Also, it is very disturbing to see the number of Christian Ministries that are still willing to purchase air-time on these networks, and to see Christians who are invited guests who are willing to go on these networks to share their thoughts, even though these Christian networks have clearly demonstrated little concern for upholding the integrity of the Scriptural truths in the Bible, especially during their money raising telethons.

I know that a number  of those who do this feel that their ministries and what they have to share is important and will be of benefit to others. With that in mind, they feel that the good clearly outweighs the bad.

The BIG problem with this type of reasoning is that the Scriptures in the Bible clearly tells us that we are to WITHDRAW OURSELVES from those who teach False Doctrine (handle the Scriptures of the Bible deceitfully).

The Bible does not tell us that as long as some good results are coming forth from our efforts, that then God makes an exception and then it becomes okay if the Scriptures in the Bible are MANIPULATED for the purpose of raising money for what seems to be a good cause.

Also, the Bible does not tell us that as long as our intentions are good and we are sharing JESUS with others which will be of benefit to others, that then it becomes okay to completely disregard the Lord’s instruction to us to WITHDRAW OURSELVES from those who teach False Doctrine (handle the Scriptures in the Bible deceitfully).

NO WORK is so important that in the process of that work, the truth of the Scriptures become compromised. The Lord never contradicts Himself and the Lord is not a God of compromise.

We must ask ourselves what is more important, a great desire to see the integrity of Scriptural truth upheld, or because we have such a great desire to minister and share our thoughts, we choose not to withdraw ourselves from those who have SUCH LITTLE REGARD for Scriptural truth, which make a mockery out of God's truth by the manipulative twisting and distortion of Scripture?

In Christ,
Alan Finch      

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