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(30) ... REVIVAL in America?

November 1, 2012
There seems to be many Christian Leaders in America who say that they are hungry for revival. It is my very strong opinion that there is a very big obstacle blocking a true revival in America.
I believe that the obstacle blocking true revival in America is that the Body of Christ at large in America "is not hungry" for God’s Written Word.
In a recent Gallup Poll, 41% of Americans who call themselves Born-again Christians said they "RARELY READ" or "NEVER READ" the Bible. 12% say they read the Bible monthly. 10% say they read the Bible less than monthly.
Another statistical research showed that less than 10% of professing Christians have ever read the entire Bible. If these studies are even close to being accurate, it is a startling revelation of the "TRUE CONDITION" of the Church today in America!
A Christian may profess to hunger after the Lord, but if they do not have a hunger for "His" Written Word, then they really do not hunger after the Lord!
SADLY, there are many Christians in America who hunger far more after Spiritual Gifts and Ministry, than they hunger after the Lord.
When a nation has the abundance of Bibles that America has, and its Christians choose to GREATLY NEGLECT coming to the Lord’s Table to "eat" from "His" Word, then Prayer alone will not bring Revival!

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