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(28) ... "DISCIPLED" by the Holy Spirit

There are a number of Christians who are in leadership positions who feel that it is the responsibility of the Church to make disciples of Christ by personally discipling other Christians.
Matthew 28:19 is the verse that is most often used in their teaching of this principle. However, Matthew 28:19 does not teach that the Church is to make disciples by personally discipling other Christians. I would greatly encourage Christians to study this Passage of Scripture carefully.
The misunderstanding and misuse of Matthew 28:1  has produced some undersired results in the Body of Christ.
 In order for a person to have become a disciple of Bruce Lee, they must have personally been discipled by Bruce Lee himself. No one else would have had the capability of making a disciple of Bruce Lee. ONLY Bruce Lee himself would have had the capability to do this.

Man is not capable of making a disciple of Jesus Christ. Man is ONLY capable of making a disciple after himself! ONLY JESUS Christ is capable of making a disciple after Himself. Jesus Christ does this through the work of His Holy Spirit which enables Him to dwell inside of each and every Christian.

This helps to explain what JESUS meant when HE told His disciples that after His death and resurrection that HE would not leave them comfortless, but that HE would come to them. ( i.e.- dwell with them by means of His Spirit dwelling inside of them )
JESUS makes disciples DIRECTLY through His Spirit that dwells within an individual who is a Christian ,  not through another Christian.

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