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(2) ... The Two End-Time "Witnesses"

Many people believe that the two end-time witnesses will be Elijah and Enoch, or Elijah and Moses.

Enoch, Elijah and Moses in their day fulfilled God's purposes for them. Throughout history there have been certain generations in which God has "raised up" certain individuals to carry out a specific task for Him. The same will be true for the generation that we are now living in. It is important to emphasize strongly the term "raised up." We find throughout Scripture that the Lord "raised up" His Prophets.

One very important fact is the fact that there is no place in the Bible that states that the "two end-time witnesses" are sent from Heaven. If that were the case, then it would have been clearly stated in the Bible.

Because of the enormity of the assignment that the Lord will assign to the two "end-time witnesses," that just like Moses, the Lord will 1st take them through many years of a wilderness experience in His development and training for them. The "two end-time Prophets" will not be newly converted Christians. They  will be seasoned Prophets who have withstood the test of time.

The Lord is not going to transport someone from several thousand years ago to fulfill a particular task in this generation. The Lord will do what He has always done, which in this case will be to "raise up" someone from this generation to fulfill the role of the two end-time witnesses in this generation.

Please take special note that the emphasis is on being "raised up for this generation."

The Bible clearly points out to us that the Lord delights in "raising up" people to fulfill a particular task that He has for them in their generation. Throughout the Bible, God shows us time and time again that He is in the "raising up" business.

In Matthew 3:9 Jesus told the Jewish people to not look back to Abraham, that God was able to "raise up" stones to fulfill His purposes.

There is zero doubt in my mind that they are alive at the present time. It is quite possible and likely that at the present time they do not even know that the Lord has chosen them to be the two end-time witnesses.

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