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(23) ... The "Undermining" Of The New Testament Church

The "Pattern" and "Function" of the Institutional Church "System" has “greatly undermined” Christ’s intended purpose for "His" Church, which is to function as a "Royal Priesthood" of Believers in Christ. In 1st Corinthians 14:26 the Apostle Paul clearly gives us the intended  "Pattern" that the Lord desires for the New Testament Church to "operate" and "function" in.

The very thing that the Institutional Church "System" highly esteems and puts a great deal of value on, an individual who has the title “Pastor” or “Doctor” in front of their name, and has obtained their Biblical study degree, is the very thing that has "greatly undermined" Christ’s intended purpose for "His" Church.

"EACH" and "EVERY" Christian has been given the privilege and right to "function" as part of the "ROYAL PRIESTHOOD" of Believers in Christ.

There are many Christians, especially those who have a great love for God's Written Word and "immerse themselves" into the Written Word who have a great deal of Spiritual "insight." But, in the Institutional Church "System," even though they have the same Holy Spirit, because they do not have the title "Pastor" or "Doctor" in front of their name, almost always, (with most people) their words do not carry "as much weight" as from someone who has the title of "Pastor" or "Doctor" in front of their name.

Furthermore, most individuals with the title "Pastor" or "Doctor" in front of their name, feel that they have more Spiritual "insight" than someone who does not have the title "Pastor" or "Doctor" in from of their name.

The very "nature" of having the title of “Pastor” or “Doctor” in front on their name "SETS THE STAGE" for them to have "pre-eminence" in the Church. This is the very thing that Jesus taught against.

Because of the "pre-eminence" of the Rabbis” and “Doctors of the Law,"  JESUS dealt with the “Rabbis” and “Doctors of the Law” in a strict manner.

The biggest reason why America’s Christian TV networks have become a pathway for a number of "False Prophets" and "False Teachers," is because the Institutional Church "System" gives individuals who have the title of “Pastor” or “Doctor” in front of their name, "pre-eminence" in the Church, which makes it much easier for these individuals to gain access to the Christian airways and have a "notable presence."

Therefore, having the title of “Pastor” or “Doctor” in front of one’s name, HAS OPENED THE DOOR  for "False Prophets" and "False Teachers" "to infiltrate with ease," America’s Christian TV networks.

Instead of America’s Christian TV networks being a blessing, they have reached the point to where they are contributing greatly to a “FALLING AWAY” from the "SOUND DOCTRINE" of  God’s Written Word.

Christians have been held "captive" and "enslaved" by the "System" of the Institutional Church, because it is this "System" that has so "permeated" and "engulfed" society.

The INFLUENCE of this "System" is "so powerful," that it does not even occur to most Christians to question whether or not if the Institutional Church "System" is really the Biblical "pattern" that Christ intended for the New Testament Church.

The Institutional Church "System" is what most Christians have been exposed to for most or all of their lives. Therefore, "they find no reason to question it." The same holds true for "false religions." Many, if not most people that are in a "false religion System" were born into it and raised in it. Therefore, "they find no reason to question it."

Christians have been "BLINDED" by the Institutional Church "System" TO SUCH A DEGREE, that they do not understand their ROLE in the "ROYAL PRIESTHOOD" of Believers in Christ, and of how "VITAL" their ROLE is to the HEALTH of the Body of Christ!

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