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(5) ... Understanding Revelation 21:4 - Coming to an Understanding of one of the greatest "PROCLAMATIONS" of the Lord, which has been greatly overlooked by the Church today!

Most Christians are very familiar with the Passage of "Scripture" that "declares to us" that there is coming a time when God "shall wipe away (ALL) tears," and there shall be "no more sorrow," and there shall be "no more pain." This is "declared to us" by the Lord in Revelation 21:4.

Revelation 21:1  gives us greater insight into what Revelation 21:4 is really "declaring to us."

Revelation 21:1 - "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away."

It is important for us to take "SPECIAL NOTICE" that it is after the Lord's handiwork of a new heaven & new earth "declared to us" in verse 1, that then verse 4 "declares to us" that there will be "no more tears," and "no more sorrow," and "no more pain."

Well, since the Bible already tells us that "1,000 years before a new heaven & new earth takes place," Christ is going to set up "His" Millennium Kingdom here on earth, in which "HE" and the Saints who have overcome, will rule and reign.

The Saints will already be in their "new Glorified bodies" when they come with Christ to rule and reign with "Him." Therefore, all their tears, and all their sorrows, and all their pain "will have already been removed from them" for (ALL) eternity. Therefore, Revelation 21:4 "is not referring" to the Saints who are already in their "new Glorified bodies," and have been ruling and reigning with Christ throughout the "previous Millennium" which takes place "prior" to the Lord's handiwork of a new heaven & new earth.

That then raises the question, who is the Lord referring to in Revelation 21:4?

Since Revelation 21:4 is "declaring to us" that (ALL) tears shall be wiped away, it becomes clear that the Lord is "declaring to us" that (ALL) in this Passage of "Scripture" is referring to the rest of humanity, beginning with Adam & Eve.

NOTE: The Book of Revelation in the Bible explains to us that after the Millennial Kingdom reign of Christ and the Saints on earth, then comes the "Great White Throne Judgment," and then at some point and time after the "Great White Throne Judgment," the Lord's handiwork of a new heaven & new earth will take place. The "Great White Throne Judgment" will put into  motion the final step in the Lord's plan of reconciling (ALL) unto "Himself" through the finished work of Christ on the Cross. This will be accomplished through the "mighty burning working power of God's Spirit" working through each individual who comes before this "Great White Throne Judgment." Malachi 3:2 - "The Lord is like a refiner's fire."

The "Scriptures" do not reveal to us the length of time that this process will take. It is after that this process has been completed by the "mighty burning working power of God's Spirit" in each individual who has come before the "Great White Throne Judgment," that the Lord will do "His" handiwork of a new heaven & new earth. There will be "no more tears," and "no more sorrow," and "no more pain" for anyone, for (ALL) eternity.

NOTE: For some more Biblical insight that relates to what has been expressed and shared in this article, please also read my article (What is the "GOOD NEWS" of the Gospel of Christ? - Re-examining the widely held belief of "eternal torment" in "Hellfire") which is posted on this website.  

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