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(1) ... The Message of the "Two End-Time Witnesses" "VALLEY OF DECISION"

I would like to bring the reader's attention to the fact that in the very first 3 Chapters of Revelation, the Lord addresses the Spiritual condition of the 7 Churches in His message to each of the 7 Churches that were in existence then.

The exact same conditions exist in the Christian Church today. The most important part of the role of the "Two End-Time Witnesses" will be to address the Spiritual condition of the Christian Church today

The 17th Chapter of Revelation tells us that "Babylon the Great" is the "Mother of Harlots." Well, obviously a mother is a woman who has children. This is clearly the Catholic Church who thinks of herself as the "Mother Church," and considers herself as the "Mother of the Protestant Churches" which were formed as the result of people leaving the Catholic Church which eventually led to the formation of the Protestant Churches of different denominations and different doctrines.

The reason why the Catholic Church is "Spiritual Babylon the Great," is because the Catholic Church observes and practices occult rites and rituals with their symbols that date back to the Great City of ancient Babylon and rebellious Nimrod who was the founder of the ancient Babylonian religious cult. However, the Catholic Church also teaches and preaches JESUS, and teaches a number of Christian doctrines.

Because the Catholic Church teaches and preaches JESUS along with a number of Christian doctrines mixed in with the abomination of ancient Babylonian occult rites, rituals and symbols, this truly make the Catholic Church the "Great Spiritual Harlot" that is spoken of in the 17th Chapter of Revelation.

Even though the Christian Protestant Churches were formed as a result of many people leaving the "Great Spiritual Harlot System" of the Catholic Church, they themselves have strayed away from Biblical sound doctrine and have become "doctrinally corrupt" in their teaching that comes from man-made doctrines.

Notice the wording "Mother of Harlots." Not only is the Catholic Church the "Spiritual Mother Harlot," but she is called the "Mother of Harlots" because her daughters are also "Spiritual Harlots" which has already been explained in this article as clearly being the Protestant Churches. A "Spiritual Harlot" is the definition for "Spiritual unfaithfulness." The Christian Institutional Churches today have not remained faithful to Biblical sound doctrines, but have taught and practiced many man-made doctrines, which makes them "Spiritual Harlots."

The 18th Chapter of Revelation records a vision that John the Apostle received from the Lord. In this vision from the Lord, John saw an Angel of the Lord who cried out with a mighty and loud voice, saying, "Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen, and has become the habitation of demons, and of every foul Spirit, and of every kind of evil Spirit."

This message of the Angel of the Lord is not about a Great Babylonian City that has been "destroyed" and is in "ruins," because there is no desire or purpose for demons, foul Spirits, and every kind of evil Spirits to inhabit a city that has been "destroyed" and is in "ruins." In the context of this Passage of Scripture, the word "fallen" means Spiritual decay, defection from the truth, to abandon sound doctrine, to fall away from sound doctrine. (2nd Timothy 4:3 - For the time will come when people will not listen to sound doctrine).

This message from the Angel of the Lord is directed to the Christian Church. Only the Christian Church can fall away, abandon, defect from God's truth. The Angel of the Lord repeats the word "fallen" to emphasize just how far the Christian Institutional Church has "fallen away" from the Biblical sound doctrines of God's truth.

The Christian Institutional Church that exists today has become "doctrinally corrupt." This is why that there is such urgency in the Angel's voice when imploring God's people to come out of her.

Also, take notice that the Angel of the Lord cries out that "Babylon the Great" has BECOME a habitation of demons, and of every foul Spirit, and of every kind of evil Spirit. Over time, the Spiritual condition of the Christian Institutional Church has become worse and worse. God will use the "Two End-Time Witnesses" to reveal to those who will listen, His message of just how far the Christian Institutional Churches have "fallen away" from Biblical sound doctrines. (1st Peter 4:17 - Judgment must begin at the house of God).

Right after the Angel of the Lord makes the proclamation about "Babylon the Great," John hears another voice from Heaven, saying, "Come out of her My People, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her judgments."

Notice the wording "Come out of her MY PEOPLE." The call is for "God's people" to come out of the Apostate Christian Institutional Church which has "fallen away" from Biblical sound doctrine. This call of God to His people will be the very heart of the message of the "Two End-Time Witnesses." It will be the "VALLEY OF DECISION" for multitudes of Christians.

Most Christians today are not aware of the fact that the Christian Institutional Churches that they are attending, have become Apostate in a number of man-made doctrines which err greatly from Biblical sound doctrines. I am not talking about "minor doctrines." I am talking about "major doctrines."

The 3rd Chapter of Revelation speaks about the Church in Sardis in John's day which had a name for being Spiritually alive, but the Lord tells them that they are not Spiritually alive, but they are Spiritually dead. That certainly describes the Spiritual condition of the Christian Institutional Churches today.

The very popular belief of the Church today is the belief that it will be the antichrist that causes a "great falling away" during the tribulation period at the end of this Age.

However, the 2nd Chapter of 2nd Thessalonians tells us that there shall come a falling away "FIRST," and then the antichrist will be revealed. This "falling away" of the Christian Institutional Church from Biblical sound doctrine, began centuries ago.

The "Two End-Time Witnesses" will be crying out with a mighty and loud voice for "God's people" to come out of the "Spiritual Harlot System" of the Christian institutional Church.

Just as God used Moses to bring out the children of Israel from under the bondage of Egypt, so will God use the "Two End-Time Witnesses" in bringing out His people from under the bondage of the "Spiritual Harlot System" of the Christian Institutional Church. This will be accomplished through their message of truth with clarity from God's Written Word. 

The mandate of the "Two End-Time Witnesses" from the Lord will not be to oversee the building of a man-made Temple in Jerusalem, but their mandate will be to address the Spiritual condition of Believers in Christ, who are the Temple of God's Spirit. They will do this by expounding clearly upon the "Revelation Truth" from God's Word.




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