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(13) ... "WEEP" for the Church in America


"WEEP" for the Church in America. When I woke up on the morning of 12/13/14, the Lord impressed strongly upon my Spirit the words "WEEP for the Church in America." I thought surely there must be more which would give greater clarification.

Finally, that evening the Lord impressed upon my Spirit that for those who have ears to hear, greater clarification to the meaning of "WEEP" for the Church in America can be found in the Book of Revelation which gives the account of the letters that were written by John the Apostle and sent to the 7 churches which he was instructed to do in the Vision which he had experienced.

This morning, 02/13/15, I felt strongly that the Lord spoke into my Spirit and additional Word to further clarify what HE had spoken into my Spirit that was given to me in the above Word on 12/13/14.


"The Church in America spends a great deal of time focusing on how America needs to repent, but I The Lord God would say to the Church in America that it is the Church in America that needs to spend a great deal more time on focusing on itself to repent of it's DEEDS."


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