(10) ... "Giftings" in the Church

We in the Church need to come to a good understanding about Spiritual giftings that Christ has distributed to the Church.

Quite often Christians are so impressed by how much they see the Lord working in another Christian’s Spiritual gifting and calling, especially those in Leadership positions, that they assume that the individual must have a close relationship with the Lord. The truth of the matter is that a Christian’s gifting and calling from the Lord does not reflect or represent the closeness of one’s relationship with the Lord.

It is just simply a gifting from the Lord. It is not something that is earned as a result of having a close walk with the Lord. It is up to that person on how they handle their gifting and calling, and on how much they are willing to obey the Lord as the Lord deals with that person on His will for their lives.

Regardless of that person’s Spiritual condition in the Lord, that person retains their gifting and calling from the Lord.

Romans 11:29 – "For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance".

In this verse, the Greek definition for repentance is: irrevocable; not possible to revoke.

In Romans 11:29, the Lord has decreed that HE will not and cannot reverse His gifts and calling that HE has given and placed upon an individual in the Church.

Also, a person’s Spiritual gifting should never be used as a "measuring rod" for determining that person’s Spiritual knowledge and  understanding  of the Scriptures. This is the reason why that we are strongly urged to follow the example of the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily whether those things that they were being taught were so. (Acts 17:11)

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