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(12) ... "Divorce" and "Remarriage" is not a Sin!

JESUS said that if a man "puts away" his wife and marries another, except for the cause of fornication, he is guilty of committing "adultery."

The Church today uses this statement by JESUS to condemn people who have previously divorced and remarried, by telling them that they are now living in sin.

The Hebrew word "shalach" translates the term "putting away," to separate, a separation. It does not mean "divorce."

The New Testament Greek word "apoluo" translates the term "putting away," to separate, a separation. It does not mean "divorce."

In fact, God Himself confirms the fact that the Biblical term "putting away" does not mean "divorce." In Isaiah 51:1, God asks His people Judah, "where is the bill of your mother's divorcement, whom I have "put away?" God had "put away" (to separate - a separation) His people Judah for a period of time, but HE did not "divorce" them. The reason why that the term "put away" and "divorce" are both used in the same verse, is because they have different meanings.

In the Book of Malachi, God says "I hate putting away." In the Old Testament, there was a practice of husbands "putting away" their wives, (separating from their wives) and then remarrying without 1st going through the process of obtaining a legal "Bill of Divorce." Therefore, under those conditions, when a husband or wife remarried, they were guilty of committing "adultery." This is why that the Lord said that HE hated "putting away." God did not hate "divorce," HE hated the practice of "putting away," separating from a spouse and then remarrying without going through the process of obtaining a legal "Bill of Divorce."

Also, it was very unfair to the wife who had been "put away" (separated) by her husband, without the necessary steps being taken by her husband in obtaining a legal "Bill of Divorce." This put the wife in a position of not being able to marry again. If she did marry again without a legal "Bill of Divorce," she would be guilty of "adultery."  This was quite unfair to the wife. It is important to understand that under the Law of Moses, only the husband could file for a divorce. This put the wife in an unfair and difficult situation.

This same practice carried over into New Testament times, of which JESUS addressed this issue.

Did you know that the Laws of Moses consists of an astounding 613 Laws. Did you know that out of the 613 Laws of Moses, that there is no Law that says "thou shalt not divorce." Did you know that the only Laws against "divorce" and "remarriage" were: (1) the Priests in the Levitical Priesthood were not to "marry" a "divorced" woman. They could only "marry" a virgin. (2) if a person was twice "divorced," they were not to"remarry" their previous 1st spouse.

Other than those 2 Laws, a "divorced" person was free to "remarry."

Today, there is a great deal of wonderful research material at our disposal. And yet, because today's Church has not taken the necessary effort to research out the matter of divorce and remarriage, there are undoubtedly a large number of Christians who have unnecessarily been living under condemnation and guilt because they went through a divorce and then remarried. Also, there are those who have divorced and decided not to remarry, because they do not want to be accused of "adultery." What a tragedy.

JESUS came to set us free. Not having a good understanding of the true meaning of certain Biblical doctrines that have a great impact upon our lives, puts us in bondage.

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