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(45) ... Christians Suffering From Malnutrition

05/30/08  -  "The Burden of The Lord. I, the Lord God am Deeply Grieved at the Famine that I see MY people going through in the land. A Famine that has been caused by MY people not coming to MY Supper Table and Feasting on MY Word. It is a Grievous Famine. MY people are Suffering from Malnutrition to the point that their rib cages can be seen. Do not I say in MY Word, "Desire the sincere milk of the Word, that you may grow?" The Shepherds in the land have been leading MY people to Feast at their Supper Table, and not leading MY people to Feast at the Supper Table of the Lord. This has brought Great Famine to MY people. I will bring forth Shepherds who will lead my people to MY Supper Table."

Now to share with you the understanding that I believe the Lord has given me in my Spirit concerning this Word.

The Lord in this Word is not speaking about the many False Teachers and the many False Prophets that we have today. The Lord is speaking about genuine Christian Leaders who are guilty of wanting to be the main source to whom Christians come to for their feeding. 

This widespread condition in the Church today has actually produced MALNUTRITION rather than GROWTH for many Christians because too many Chrisians have depended too much upon receiving their feeding from Christian Leaders. This has led to many Christians neglecting coming to the Lord’s Supper Table (which the Lord has referred to in this "Word" as His Word) and allowing the Holy Spirit to feed them through the Scriptures in the Bible.

I feel that this "Word" is mainly directed at the Church in America because of the religious freedom that we have here and because of the great abundance of Bibles that we have access to in this country.

06/13/08  -  "I, the Lord God would say to MY people that there are many Leaders, but few Shepherds."

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