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(43) ... Being Fed By The Spirit

What does it mean to be fed by the Spirit? Probably a great number of Christians in the West have never really given that question much thought. When an individual has truly been sincere in asking JESUS to come into their life to be their Lord and Saviour, that individual will experience the Holy Spirit putting a hunger in their heart for God's Written Word.                         

As a Christian our hunger for God's Written Word is VITAL to our growth and development. 1st Peter 2:2  makes this clear when we are told "Like newborn babies, desire the sincere milk of the Word that you may grow." (i.e. desire - intensely crave) In fact, this is one of the main reasons why that God has given us the Written Word.

A vital source that the Holy Spirit uses to feed our Spirit is the Written Word of God.

The Holy Spirit does many things inChristian’s life, but it is through the Written Word of God that the Holy Spirit feeds our Spirit. Therefore, it is very important that we stay hungry for God's Written Word.

The really important thing that we need to keep in mind when reading God's Written Word, is to not eat from His Word speedily, but to chew His Word slowly. In other words, to MEDITATE upon His Word as we read it.

In our daily consumption of food, if we eat too fast, the digestive system is not breaking down the foods enough to absorb all of the necessary nutrients. The same holds true for feeding upon God's Written Word. It is only by MEDITATING upon God's Written Word that we are able to absorb the many rich nutrients from God's Written Word which will greatly enrich our lives.

Unfortunately, many Christians rely far too much on being fed from a Pastor’s sermons or from Christian books, magazines, etc., rather than relying upon the Holy Spirit to feed them when they  read and meditate upon God's Written Word for themselves.

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