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(34) ... Last Days "Deception" - "Deception" ... Satan's Greatest Weapon

In this article, I am addressing the issue of Dreams, Visions and Supernatural experiences.

One of the very powerful avenues that Satan and his "army of Deceivers" use on individuals is that of "Deceptive" Dreams and "Deceptive" Visions.

We are told in the Written Word of God that we are to TEST the Spirits. The "purpose of testing" the Spirits is so that Born-again Believers in Christ do not become "Deceived" and "influenced" by another individual's experience or by their own experience without first putting it to the test of God's Written Word.

How do Born-again Believers in Christ TEST the Spirits?  The answer is that Born-again Believers in Christ "MUST KNOW" the WRITTEN WORD!

Many Christians are being "deceived" by another individual's Supernatural experience which did not come from the Lord, but came from a  "Deceiving Spirit."  

Many Christians refuse to believe that the Lord would ever allow them to be "Deceived" by a "Deceiving Spirit." If that is the case, then why does The Lord "WARN" us in "His" Written Word about being "Deceived?"

We are told in God's Written Word  that "Deception" in the "End Times" will be great. "Deceptive" Dreams, "Deceptive" Visions and "Deceptive" Supernatural experiences have been on the rise in these Last Days. 

We are told in the Written Word of God that one of the hallmarks of the "End Times" is that "Deception" will increase. In my many years as a Christian, I have noticed a great increase in "Deception" by "Deceiving Spirits."

I could give a number of examples, but in this article, I will give 2 examples.

Recently, I was reading an article about a Muslim who was taking a pilgrimage to Mecca to pay homage to the Kabba and to fulfill the  requirements in Islam. One night on his pilgrimage, he said that JESUS appeared to him in a Dream and touched him above his heart and said “you have been saved, follow me. You belong to me."

There are a couple of things "that really stands out to me" about this Dream.

(1st) Just think about this, would it not be quite unfair for JESUS to only single out one individual (rather than all of humanity) and appear to them in a "Dream" and touch them and then proclaim to them that they are now saved, as "HE" did to this Muslim?

(2nd) There is absolutely  "NO PLACE"  in the Bible that "teaches" this type of Salvation.

Another article that I came across was an article about a "Supernatural experience" that Arthur Blessit experienced. Arthur Blessitt is well known for carrying a 12 foot cross around the world to every Nation.

Mr. Blessitt shares the story of an experience that he had one night at Lake Tahoe. He states that one night, he and a friend saw JESUS standing on the waters of Lake Tahoe. Then JESUS began walking towards them on the water. Mr. Blessitt goes on to share his "Spiritual experience" that night at Lake Tahoe.

I do not know of anyone who enjoys being "Spiritual deceived" or takes pride of having been "Spiritually deceived."

When an individual experiences a Spiritual Dream, a Spiritual Vision or some type of Supernatural experience, it has a PROFOUND IMPACT upon them. Always, these "experiences" need to be Scripturally "tested" to see if they line up with the Written Word of God

Unfortunately, most individuals who have been "Spiritually Deceived" by a Dream, a Vision or some type of Supernatural experience, even when being presented with Scriptural "proof" from the Written Word of God that their Spiritual experience was not from the Lord, but was from a "Deceiving Spirit", will still REFUSE to "believe" and "accept" the fact that they have been "Deceived" by a "Deceiving Spirit." 

Below is a copy of a letter that I have sent to Mr. Blessitt. I have taken the courtesy of informing Mr. Blessitt that I have written an article which contains a copy of the letter that I sent to him, and have posted it on my website.  

Letter to Mr. Blessitt 

Mr. Blessitt,

Recently, I read your article about your experience a number of years ago at Lake Tahoe. You stated that at the beginning of your encounter with being in the physical visual presence of JESUS, that you first experienced the most awful feeling of sin, guilt, uncleanliness, vileness, filthiness, and of feeling vulgar and dirty

The Bible makes it clear that all those "WHO ARE IN CHRIST" would never experience the "feelings of condemnation" that you said you experienced being in the presence of JESUS, not even for one second!

Also, when the Apostle Paul had his encounter with JESUS, the "light" that "radiated" from JESUS was "SO BRIGHT" that it "BLINDED"  Paul

When JESUS was Resurrected, "HE" was still in "His" earthly natural body. In the Book of Acts, we are told that JESUS spent the next 40 days speaking about the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God to the Apostles whom "HE" had chosen earlier, before "His" Crucifixtion. 

After this, JESUS then Ascended on High. It was at this point that JESUS received "His" GLORIFIED BODY and no longer had an earthly body.

The result of the "GLORIFICATION" of JESUS has produced a radiance of light of such brilliance from "His" Being, that it would cause "blindness" in any mortal being who would have a physical visual encounter with JESUS CHRIST here on earth. In fact, this is the reason why that JESUS spent time with "His" chosen Apostles in "His" natural earthly body before "His" Ascension.

If JESUS had been in "His" GLORIFIED BODY, the Disciples "would have not been able to endure" the power and radiance "that produces light of such brilliance" which "flows" from JESUS.

You stated that the "garment" of JESUS was so immaculate and pure that it looked more like silver than white. However, the Bible tells us that JESUS is clothed in a GARMENT that is "WHITE AS SNOW ."  

Also, on the road to Damascus, when the Apostle Paul had his encounter with JESUS, we are told that "the light shined from Heaven." JESUS "DID NOT LEAVE HEAVEN" to have "His" encounter with the Apostle Paul.

In the Book of Acts, we are told that JESUS "MUST REMAIN IN HEAVEN" "UNTIL" the time of Restitution of all things. JESUS "has not been leaving Heaven from time to time to come down here on Earth." The next time that JESUS will be leaving Heaven, will be at the time of Restitution of all things. 

What you saw and experienced "was not a physical visual encounter" with JESUS CHRIST, but it was clearly a physical visual encounter with a DECEIVING SPIRIT!

The Bible clearly WARNS us about how deceptive that "Deceiving Spirits" are. We are to always use God's Written Word to TEST doctrine and Spirits, regardless of how "genuine" a Spiritual experience "may seem." The Lord has given us a safety mehanism to know the truth by giving us "His" Written Word.

We are living in a time where it has become quite ALARMING at the "Lack of Discernment" that is taking place in the Body of Christ

In Christ,
Alan Finch

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