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(31) ... The "INSTITUTIONAL" Church System

The Institutional Church has come about from being birthed by Man’s Spirit, “RATHER” than from being birthed by the Holy Spirit.

Posted on this website is a document which is titled (Re-examining the Institutional Church's "Doctrine of Tithing")

The document contains a series of titles which contain articles that clearly show that there is absolutely NO "Scriptural" basis for the "unnecessary burden" of Tithing which has been placed on the Believer in Christ, which has come about from the "adamant teachings" of the Institutional Church.

Knowing and understanding that Tithing is NOT "Scriptural" for the Believer in Christ, helps us to better understand (along with other "Scriptures") that the Lord never intended for Church Leadership along with Church Staff to receive a paid salary! If the Lord had intended a paid salary for Church Leadership and Church Staff, "HE" would have "instituted" Tithing for the Believer in Christ.

Let us be honest with ourselves in realizing that without Tithing, the Institutional Church "System" would not be able to support paid salaries, and would not be able to obtain Lots, Church Buildings, and all the other expenses that are involved.

Also, posted on this website is an article: (The "ROYAL PRIESTHOOD" of the Believer in Christ). This article "Scripturally" shows that the Body of Christ is to function as the "ROYAL PRIESTHOOD" of Believers in Christ.

The very nature and "Pattern" of the Institutional Church "System" "greatly undermines" the Lord's intentions for the Body of Christ, which is to be a THRIVING and FUNCTIONING "ROYAL PRIESTHOOD" of Believers in Christ.

Also, the very "Nature" and "Pattern" of the Institutional Church "System" THRUSTS those in Leadership to the forefront in such a way as to bring too much attention to themselves and to their positions. This often leads to their Leadership positions becoming "GLORIFIED." This is exactly what the teachings of JESUS and the Apostles taught against.

The Lord certainly cannot be pleased with a "system" (THE INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH) that in many ways "greatly undermines" "His" intentions of how the Body of Christ is to function as the "ROYAL PRIESTHOOD" of Believers in Christ.

Christians have been "BLINDED" by the Institiutional Church "System" "to such a degree" that they do not understand their ROLE in the "ROYAL PRIESTHOOD" of Believers in Christ, and how "VITAL" their ROLE is to the HEALTH of the Body of Christ!




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