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Welcome to this Website 

My name is Alan Finch. As a Christian my Spiritual understanding and my Spiritual beliefs use to be much different than they are now. Now, in my 48th year as a Christian, it has been through my observations and through my experiences that have inspired me to search the Scriptures more diligently which has changed a number of my earlier Spiritual beliefs.

(The road that leads to Spiritual truth is no smooth road!) It is usually very difficult to unlearn what we have been taught to be the Gospel truth, only to discover that what we have been taught is not the Gospel truth.

Below are a couple of paragraphs that I read somewhere, which are wonderfully stated:

"If the Written Word shatters cherished beliefs, we then should be willing to be shattered, no matter how painful it is. Isn't God's Truth more important than personal belief? Isn't loyalty to God's Truth more important than loyalty to traditions, the commandments of men, or our local Church?

We need to carefully examine ourselves and ask where our loyalties rest. Have we believed and practiced something just because our Church or Pastor said it was Biblical Truth without our putting forth the effort to examine the Scriptures very carefully for ourselves to see if what we are being told is indeed Biblical Truth."

There are a number of widely held beliefs in the present-day Christian Church which years ago began to raise questions deep inside me about whether or not some of the most widely held beliefs in the present-day Christian Church are even Biblical? In fact, some of these beliefs that began to raise questions deep inside me are so widely held and accepted by the mainstream Christian Church, that it seems to have not occurred to most present-day Christians to even question some of the most widely held and accepted beliefs in the present-day Christian Church.

In my constant search for the truth from God's Word, I began to realize more and more the shocking truth that over the centuries, the Church has departed from a number of true Biblical doctrines which have been replaced by man-made doctrines.

It is very clear from the Scriptures that the most important thing to the Lord is His truth! Therefore, we can be sure that Satan gets his greatest pleasure from perverting God's truth.

One of the great Spiritual truths that I have come to realize in my 48th year as a Christian is that many Christians when presented with a Biblical truth that may prove to be an inconvenient truth for them (which could be for any number of reasons), will just simply choose to ignore or reject that truth. (Jeremiah 9:3 - My people are not valiant for the truth).

If  anyone would like a copy of a particular article that is posted on this site, I would be more than happy to e-mail you a copy in it's original Word Document Format.

If there is an article on this site that you feel has been of any help to you it would be an honor for me to hear from you.

Whenever the Lord is gracious enough to give me a better understanding of His Truth from the Scriptures of the Bible that I share in my articles, I am thankful. Therefore, what the Lord shares with me freely, I share freely on this website. The material on this website may be used freely.